“Most companies use assessments to screen out poor candidates and they leave 90% of its value on the table. Marston’s results continually inform our process in recruiting, hiring, and career development, reaping the lions share of its value.”
~ CEO, National healthcare management company
The shrewdest investment you can make in your company’s future, with many times the ROI, is in expert candidate assessment. It’s also the best insurance you can buy. In the most positive way, Peter identifies strengths and weaknesses, helping employees become the most effective individuals and teammates.

Assessment Types Include

  • EXECUTIVE    Our most sought-after full-day assessment is for high-profile, C-level, or executive leadership positions.
  • COMPREHENSIVE    This full-day assessment clarifies a mid to high level candidate’s fit for a position and their capacity for growth.
  • PROFESSONAL CONTRIBUTOR    This half-day assessment is intended to clarify the candidate’s fit to an entry-level, intermediate, professional, sales, and managerial position.
  • CUSTOMIZED PROFILE    This economical assessment helps managers match candidates to critical job requirements where there are a large number of incumbent positions with ongoing turnover. We first develop the candidate’s success profile and then efficiently candidates against the profile.
  • AT-RISK    Drawing on Peter’s clinical and organizational training and background, he identifies the underlying issues leading to difficulties in performance and relationship management that others have been unable to resolve.
  • RISK ASSESSMENT FOR THE COURTS (www.marstonforensic.com)    Peter has extensive experience conducting risk assessments for the courts including assessments for harm to self, harm to others, and white collar crime. Peter’s unique forensic background in conjunction with his organizational and business expertise can provide an invaluable resource.
  • The Value    Hiring the right person maximizes your opportunities, momentum, productivity and morale.
Peter helps identify high potential people early, then coaches them to accelerate their value and contributions — creating executives who can ignite performance and spread confidence in a variety of challenging situations.
    As leaders develop they are challenged with increasingly complex and ambiguous problems. To be successful they must develop capabilities for coping with these while maintaining their energy and a mature appreciation of differences.

    Competing capably requires leaders to embrace constant learning, complex problem solving, creativity, and open fluid communication. When your leaders build trust and communicate effectively, all of the organization’s strengths are leveraged.

    Whether it’s a dyad, larger work group, or executive team, trust, communication, role clarity, and goal clarity are keys to open and honest communication.

    The contributions of a high trust community together vastly outdistance individual performers who don’t get along. Open communication in teams enables the members to best utilize each other’s strengths and to protect each other when down time is important.

    When companies need to let valued executives go, how leaders communicate layoff decisions and how executives experience this transition are long remembered. We understand this well. For more than 15 years, we've offered executives outplacement counsel that is strategic, practical, compassionate, and effective. Whether you're in a position to refer executives or are in transition yourself, know that what clients value most is our private, highly personalized, strategic guidance.

    We focus on what each client needs most during this complex and often emotionally charged time. Services include helping individuals develop a clear search strategy, preparing and practicing for successful interviews, and cultivating the resilience required to manage change in many aspects of their lives. As a result, clients emerge with greater self-awareness, keener judgment about their strengths and career goals, and stronger communication and interpersonal skills. Moreover, as advocates, we keep clients’ thinking constructive, their communication effective, their progress steady, and their results long lasting.

    Private, personalized, strategic and compassionate guidance helps executives emerge with a clear vision of strengths, goals, and skills, with a strategy for success in a new role.

    Executives who are experiencing burnout need to regain their footing, energy, focus, and heart. Organizations that can predict and manage risk during periods of great stress can survive, and even thrive. Peter focuses heavily on basic elements of diet and nutrition, exercise, rest, family and social support, in addition to practical and real work situations. And we work with additional professionals and experts to achieve optimal results.

    The executive learns to how to function well during challenging times and how to bounce back from set backs, overcome obstacles and to persist in being realistically optimistic, and organizations benefit from retaining key executives’ best functioning.

To grow your business you need to know whether the organization’s foundation will support your plans. Peter’s efficient, strategic, organizational diagnosis can assess, recommend, fix, launch or integrate, generating specific guidance and action steps.
    Do you know who your future leaders are? Are you developing them and will they be ready when you need them? MORE HERE

    Engaging and retaining key talent allows you to build your company’s future.

  • BEYOND DUE DILIGENCE (www.beyondduediligence.com)
    Peter and his colleagues can diagnose, prescribe, and help implement the solutions for your organizations’ improved and optimal performance. We make sure that the organizational structure is right, the teams can deliver, the systems will support, and the processes are efficient.

    Our clients tell us that our fee easily yields ten times or more its value in results.

    Visionary companies differentiate their organizations from the rest by understanding their own culture and identifying their corporate DNA early, and matching new hires to these. Whether it’s a competency that the entire organization needs, or competencies that drive particular functions, it’s important to understand what they are, and how to hire, train, and develop against them.

    Early identification of culture and competencies spurs performance and growth, improves both customer and employee satisfaction, and prevents failed mergers and acquisitions.